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Masthead Financial & Capital Advisors, Expands Partnerships and Financial Services That Help Businesses

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February 15, 2023 22:30 GMT

Banking, Finance & Investment Industry | Business & Economy | Companies

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Financial advisory and capital markets consultancy firm, Masthead Financial & Capital Advisors rebranded and launched new services to help Lower Middle Market Businesses, Family-Owned Businesses, Institutional Investors, and Private Equity Firms navigate growth by providing financial expertise and assist with capital funding. 

New Partnerships

“I am thrilled to announce the new partnerships that Masthead has forged during 2022. The companies that we have helped are now on track for stellar years ahead. Our team has grown to include Rob Shishino, with over 35 years of experience as a CFO in mergers, acquisitions, C-level leadership, and private equity. Palmer Thornton, Director, delivers knowledge and expertise with M&A activities, business exit strategies, strategic financial planning, operational consulting, capitalization assessment and optimization strategies. Varun Jain, Director / Team Lead, leads Masthead's Analyst & Marketing team which includes 8 exceptionally skilled members, providing financial analysis, accounting, reporting, marketing, and lead generation activities.” - Robert Hanger, Founder and Managing Partner.

Robert Hanger, Masthead Financial & Capital Advisors

New Services: Fractional Banking

From startups to established businesses, growth can demand capital from additional equity or debt. Banking and Capital Resources are critical components to the success of any business. Masthead can be your outsourced “Fractional Banker”.

Don't Let The Capital Sources Dictate Your Strategy. Masthead Financial & Capitals Advisors makes the capital sources fit the Company's needs by:

  • Applying a tried and true method to the process.
  • Reduce the timing constraints and pressures.
  • Help make the best decisions with the least interruptions

Banks are great at providing loans to companies that don’t need the money and NOT great when companies do need the money. Timing is Critical – Plan in Advance.

Masthead Financial and Capital Advisors offers critical resources to make sure your business succeeds. The unique process Masthead follows is:

  1. Assess Company Strategic Initiatives & Comprehensive Plan
  2. Determine which Banking & Capital Resources are Best Fit
  3. Create Submission Packages
  4. Negotiate For the Best Terms
  5. Work with Company to get the Deal Closed
  6. Ongoing Financial & Advisory Services

Existing Services:

Financial Advisory Services – helping companies develop their financial comprehension beyond their general ledger

Financial Advisory Services - Masthead Financial & Capital Advisors provides specialized financial advisory services and fractional CFO services under a single roof.

Comprehensive Historical Financial Analysis

Better understanding of the business' performance from a financial perspective. Masthead eliminates the guesswork for growing companies that find themselves being declined access to capital or in financial peril.


Complete analysis of a company's financial outlook using industry best practices and practical experience. Forecasts that enable managers to deliver against financial targets and lenders to confidently underwrite debt for growth or operations.

Budgeting/Cash Flow Management

Growth-oriented financial planning with a deliberate focus on the company's long-term goal.

Financial Metrics

Financial analysis is beneficial when the data is used to develop key performance indicators (KPIs). Masthead assesses the current financial position and develops parameters for enhanced profitability. Proper navigation can only be achieved with a clear understanding of the company's current financial position and its movement as time passes

Strategic Financial Planning – knowing where your business is now and optimizing for the future

Strategic Planning - Masthead Financial & Capital Advisors offers a range of tactical services that help companies leverage its most valuable asset: the business. 

The comprehensive list of services include:

  • Company Valuations
  • Business Acquisitions/ Advance M&A Services
    • Strategic & Investor Acquisitions
    • Partner or Management Buyout
    • Family Succession & Capitalization
  • Business Exit Planning
    • Mergers & Acquisition
    • Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)
    • Investor Buyout
    • Preparing a company for sale
  • Capitalization Assessment & Optimization Strategies
  • Value Creation Initiatives
  • Risk Assessment
  • Due Diligence for Buyers and Sellers

Transaction Navigation – Navigating the transaction that will support you and your business initiatives

Masthead Financial & Capital Advisors Looks beyond the horizon to see what comes next, which can be difficult for many business owners who get lost working "in" the business and not "on" the business. We help businesses navigate the transitions and transactions that will support business initiatives. Whether you are selling your business, buying a business, or raising capital, we can steer you through the waters safely to your destination.

  • Mergers & Acquisition Advisory
  • Capital Markets
  • Technical Accounting & Finance
  • Growth Strategy
  • Due Diligence & Data Room Management
  • Deal Structuring

Transaction Specializations:

Buy Side M&A: Full service buy side M&A advisory including - initial deal screening, deal analysis, LOI, due diligence, capital raise, closing, post close integration.

Sell Side Preparation: Getting your company ready to go to market.

Succession Execution: Management Buyout, Partner Buyout, Family Transition - Planning & Capitalizing the succession of a closely held business.

Strategic Projects & Expansion: Build a detailed business plan that enables a company to put their vision on paper and then pull together the resources and capital to help businesses execute those strategic initiatives.


Masthead Financial and Capital Advisors

About Masthead

Masthead Financial & Capital Advisors is comprised of a team of financial, accounting and M&A experts with over 100 years of cumulative experience. The firm has expanded its partnerships and services.

Masthead Financial & Capital Advisors
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