Why Press Releases, Why Now? 5 Reasons You Should Invest In Press Releases

Businesses communicate with customers, potential customers, and shareholders whenever a newsworthy event occurs. The newsworthy event could be a new product launch, new service line, new partnership, new leadership, or anything related to the business and how it affects the public. The tried and true method for making such announcements is with a press release. It is the preferred business communication vehicle.

So why do you need to invest in press releases for your business? A press release gives you an opportunity to tell the public what your brand or business is doing. It follows a professional business writing style, putting valuable information on display for public consumption. With the right vernacular, copywriters, and distribution channels, the press release is an effective mass communication tool available to every business.

What Should Be In A Press Release?

A press release should answer the questions of who, what, where, when, and why. It must be succinct, providing concise factual information for distribution by news outlets and digital media. Each press release must focus on a single topic. The press release format and writing style must be adhered to in order to be picked up and distributed by the major news affiliates. Keep in mind that press releases are written and displayed to the general public. 

Writing style, tone, and eloquence can make a great impact on the distribution of the press release. Well-written press releases get better distribution, are shared more often, and are seen by more readers. More readers result in more traffic. More traffic results in more customers. Quality matters. 

Why You Should Invest In A Press Release: 5 Reasons

Investing in press releases increases brand exposure. Here are five reasons why:

Brander For Business Publicity  

Investing in press releases is an effective tactic for your brand and business. Press releases can provide instant brand credibility, brand awareness, and evergreen backlinks from links throughout social media. Nurture existing relationships by sharing valuable updates with prospects, customers, associates, and industry professionals while getting new leads to boot. As a result of publishing an effective press release, website traffic will increase as will conversion rates. Brander provides a professional turnkey press release writing and distribution service that is affordable for every serious business. 

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Brander delivers an effective connection between your brand and new customers. The first step in getting in the press is to proceed with a single press release. Check out Brander’s press release pricing to find the best fit for your business.

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