7 Strategies for Attracting Investors To Your Business

Growing a business takes a great idea and plenty of hard work, but it requires one particular thing to grow – money. Although we live in an era of free digital solutions and no-cost startups, investors still play an invaluable role in helping businesses get established and scale.

With the help of investors, companies can scale quickly and effectively. More investment capital often means access to more resources and better tools that can allow companies to reach more customers and make more sales. Let’s explore how you can attract investors to your business.

Attracting Potential Investors

When looking for investors, it is important to be able to show how practical and lucrative your business can be, but that is just one part of it. Investors do not just want a good idea; they want a great one, along with a good strategy, a team that can execute the strategy, and a clear path to getting a massive return on investment.

In order to attract investors, you need a lucrative business model, but you also need a great team with a track record and near-term opportunities for the future. If you can help investors to see the great work you are doing, you are more likely to build that sense of excitement and convince them to learn more.

Strategies for Attracting Investor Attention

Capturing investor attention rarely happens serendipitously, like it happens in the movies. If you want to capture investor attention, use strategies that actively make your business attractive.

1.    Establish Your Online Presence

Every modern aspect of a business is online. Having a strong digital presence can grant your business access to people you would otherwise never come into contact with – including investors. The first place most investors go to do their due diligence on an investment is the company’s website.

A completely developed and established website with a good user experience is essential. If you want investors to truly consider working with your brand, they need to have an easy way to learn more about you. While the website is critical, it is not the only aspect of a business’ online presence. A comprehensive online presence consists of many smaller parts, including networking platforms, social media, and more. Read on to get the details.

2.    Networking

Sometimes, the best way to reach investors is simply to focus your existing networking. Making the right connections is a very effective way to meet the right people.

Modern networking no longer has to happen in person. Today, many connections are made using online professional networking platforms like LinkedIn or Wellfound or Crunchbase. Creating a strong online presence using professional networking can be a great way to meet the right investors.

3.    Focus on Social Media Reach

Today’s investors know that social media is a powerful tool, which is why so many companies are investing in influencers and looking to social media for new opportunities. Focusing on growing your social media presence can be a great way to get attention from potential investors. Make sure that your social media profiles showcases your brand and highlights the unique value you have to offer. You want investors to experience a positive public image of your brand. To be able to share links in Instagram Stories, businesses must have 10,000 followers or more, so start building early to maximize your reach.

4.    Become a Thought Leader

Investors are not just interested in business. They are interested in people. Many of today’s businesses are managed by thought leaders, people who have placed themselves as influential voices in their industries. You don’t have to have decades of experience to be a thought leader – you just need to share knowledge. Creating a strong personal brand can help you to get investments for your business.

Develop your thought leadership portfolio by writing content (blogs, articles, etc.) and being a guest on podcasts. Start small. Your audience and popularity will grow as your message develops. Modern audiences value authenticity, so avoid sales lingo and speak from the heart.

5.    Pitch to Investors Directly

Serious pitches are now being delivered over video calls, making direct investor pitches quite common and accessible. If you want to seek out investors in a specific industry, look for platforms and networking events where you can pitch to investors directly. You might be surprised by how many people you can connect with in your area. If you have a specific investor in mind, research their investing theme to tailor a pitch that fits their criteria.

6.    Focus on Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is a great way to acquire investors, primarily seed investors. With platforms like Kickstarter, you can share your ideas and help people to start investing immediately. It is a great place to start if you are unsure about how to navigate securing investments in a more professional capacity. Many great businesses have started on crowdsourcing platforms, like the Pebble Smartwatch.

7.    Get Your Brand Featured in the News

Investors love a good story and a proven record of success, and nothing combines these like press releases. A press release allows you to be featured in the news, giving you potential visibility in front of a large volume of investors. All it takes is for the right investor to see you mentioned on major news affiliates and you can end up with the investment capital needed to launch or scale the business. Even better, a series of press releases can give investors a clear path to follow to see your brand for all of its potential. Using press release services makes getting featured in the major news networks easy.

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