Common Press Release Examples and How to Share Them

A press release is a powerful public relations device that has been in use for nearly as long as print has been around. Since companies and brands first started sharing their accomplishments, press releases have been used to get them to the masses. Although they were once exclusive to large brands and businesses, times are changing. The press is now accessible to all brands. Read on to learn about multiple press release examples.

In the modern world, anyone can use a press release to convey relevant information to a sizable audience–and the PR market is set to reach $129 billion because of it. Let’s discuss common press release examples and how you can share them.

Press Release Examples For Your Brand

A press release is, in its simplest form, writing that is being shared about a brand through publications and news networks. The goal is to provide valuable sources with information about your brand that can then be shared with a larger audience.

There are different kinds of press releases that are more common – and when you post matters too. The most popular days for sharing press releases are Tuesdays and Fridays. We are going to take a look at some of the common press release examples and press release templates being used every Tuesday, Friday, and every other day of the week too!


Companies regularly use press releases to share common announcements as they come up. From small and large business changes to a new prominent figure taking on a leading role, there is always new and interesting information that can be shared. Sharing these announcements creates greater transparency and can enhance buy-in from customers.

Progress Updates

Every company, no matter how small, has goals and plans that will take a while to bring to life. This is the nature of growing a business in any direction. Fortunately, this kind of information is also great for press releases. You can keep potential investors and customers informed on any exciting developments as you inch your way toward your goals.

Product LaunchesNew Product Announcement

As companies grow and change, new products and services are inevitable. These new changes are always exciting, but press releases give them a whole new life. With a well-timed press release, companies can easily generate discussions regarding any new launches and get more eyes on the launch, too. Ultimately, this has the potential to generate new leads and better support potential conversions.

Exciting Accomplishments

An accomplishment is always best when shared, and companies should remember this. When your company reaches a new milestone, meets a goal, or just has something new happen that will lead to positive outcomes, that is great information for a press release.

Financial DisclosuresFinancial Disclosures

Publicly traded companies are required, by law, to publish news releases in certain cases. Consultation with corporate counsel is required to determine which changes in the company require a press release along with an SEC Form 8-K. Press releases offer the company an opportunity to provide social context to the financial information publicly released to the SEC, regardless of whether the news is good, bad, or neutral.

Share Your Press Release Today

These press release examples are designed to help companies better understand what kind of information is best to share with an audience. The reality is that a press release can be used to share any information, but certain kinds of information can have a much bigger impact.

To use press releases to drive results and increase public awareness, be sure to partner with a dedicated press release distribution service, like our team at Brander. With a great distribution service, you can share all of these press release examples and more with a substantial audience.


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