How to Write an Effective Press Release

Press release writing is a specific style of writing that is designed to create compelling messages that catch the attention of potential customers and investors. Although a press release might seem like a simple statement, professional press release writers know that every single word should be chosen with care.

Creating an effective press release comes down to knowing exactly how to reach your audience and share the right information. However, accomplishing this goes well beyond simply choosing the right words. There are quite a few technical considerations to make when writing press releases.

Let’s look at how to create press releases that meet newsworthy standards and help customers and investors to see how great your brand really is.

The Anatomy of a Press Release Template

Although press release examples can vary, there are a few common features that you will always include. Without them, your press release will simply not be as effective. The content can change, but these features must always be present in order for a press release to have an impact.


A press release headline is the first feature that a reader will come into contact with after your press release has been published. In many cases, this is the only feature that is visible before the reader clicks on the actual press release itself. Since this is true, headlines can often determine whether your article is read or not at all. Experts estimate that roughly 20% of readers read an article after seeing a headline.


After a headline compels someone to click on your company’s press release, they will continue to read on to the introduction. This press release template feature should be engaging and always start off with a neutral, professional introduction that explains what the press release will be about.

Message or Body

A press release’s body content should always be focused on a specific message, and this message will give the press release its direction. Including one clear message can help companies to highlight an exciting development and keep the content clean and focused.

The message you choose should be newsworthy to provide maximum value. Small updates can be important, but with press releases, bigger is always better. Focus on a message that shares an exciting new development or highlights a key improvement. Every announcement should be able to either demonstrate a business improvement or show advancements in the customer experience.

Facts and Statistics

We live in a data-driven world, and data should always be used to drive a point home in a press release. Not every press release will warrant the use of data, but if you can include numbers, you absolutely should. Provide your readers with proof of what you are saying. It makes a huge difference, especially when you consider the quality of the data. Estimates show that businesses can lose up to 20% of potential revenue due to poor data quality.


The ending of a press release should be held to the same standard as the rest of the content. It should be well-written, engaging, and convincing. With the right call to action, you can convince your audience to take a specific step. Whether it is encouraging them to sign up for a new rewards program or convincing them to purchase your latest product, make sure that your final words leave a lasting impact.

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