Press Release Distribution Channels

A great press release can get potential customers and investors excited about your business and help them to learn more about your brand, if they are distributed correctly. Pairing a press release with the right press release distribution channels is a decision that can have a huge and positive impact on the public perception of your company. In this guide, we will explore press release distribution channels and how they can influence your public reputation.

What Are Press Release Distribution Channels?

Press release distribution channels are media channels that share press release information that meets their standards. These channels can range from minor publications to major news networks. The information that is shared in press releases can even start on digital news channels and transition into TV content in some cases. Each channel is a publication that can help you to share your message.

How Do Press Release Distribution Channels Influence Public Relations Efforts?

It is always good to have as many publications and people sharing your content as possible, but the channels themselves do matter. There are three ways that press release distribution channels influence public relations efforts for a company—reach, reputation, and influence.

Each of these factors will be more effective when you publish with established press release distribution channels. Depending on the prominence of each channel, you may see different results in these areas.


Press release distribution channels can help you to expand your reach in a significant way. The right channels will grant you access to millions of readers, making it possible for your message to be shared with an exceedingly high number of people—even if you are operating a small or midsize business. The more renowned a publication is, the more people there are that will see your content.


For as long as media reporting has been around, it has played an essential role in defining the reputation of companies with the public, for better or worse. Press releases should improve the public perception of your brand, but that won’t happen without the right reach.

When potential customers see your brand featured on top-performing news networks, your reputation will automatically improve. Even better, you can add the coveted “As Seen On…” badge to your branding to show that you have been featured in relevant public domains. If you have wondered how to get “As Seen On…” onto your website, press coverage is your answer.


The influence of the media is a constant topic of debate, but there is no denying that it is a powerful force. We often think of the news as a method for distributing information, which is true, but it goes well beyond that. Media channels have the power to influence the way that the public perceives a certain person, topic, or brand.

Companies can leverage the credibility of major publications to help present their brand in a credible, high-quality way. When people see news articles about your company in a major publication, they are more likely to perceive your brand as relevant in its industry.

Accessing Press Release Distribution Channels

Every brand wants to be featured on the most effective press release distribution channels. These channels can connect you with a global audience and give you a way to generate public interest. However, getting access to channels is a process all its own.

If you are a business owner that is looking to get your press releases in front of millions of people, you need the right approach. Major networks will not allow you to simply upload to their websites. You have to be given access. Let’s explore what that looks like.

Cold Pitches

A cold pitch, in this context, is a pitch to a major publication or journalist for a major publication. This means taking the time to draft them an email and convince them that your press release is one that deserves to be shared.

It is important to know that many publications and journalists do not accept cold pitches, and the majority of them never get a response. When asked, journalists said 99% of press releases that they read are not useful to them. However, it is still possible to get into news publications using this avenue in some rare cases.


Having the right connections can work wonders for a business, and media is no different. If you can network with journalists or relevant people at high-end publications, you will sometimes be given a more direct pipeline for sharing your information. Of course, this does not mean that you should aim to network with these individuals just for this purpose. Still, knowing the right people can help you to convince them to hear your pitch.

Featured Stories

Brand-featured reviews and stories can catch media attention if they are flashy enough. Considering the fact that 88% of consumers trust user reviews, it isn’t surprising that news about a brand can travel fast online. When this happens, your company may end up on the radar of a journalist. If you catch their attention, you may be able to establish a more direct connection and get them to help you share press releases and other newsworthy information.

Press Release Distribution Services

Out of all of the ways to get information published in major publications, press release distribution services are absolutely the most efficient and direct route. These services allow you to connect directly with press release distribution channels, making it easy for you to share your information in thousands of relevant public spaces.

With press release distribution services, you can cut out a lot of the work. These services will often draft press releases for you, making it easy to adhere to the highest press release writing standards. Once you have agreed on a press release, they will then distribute the press release to the channels they are connected to.

Choosing the Right Press Release Channels

When you intend to manage press release distribution in-house, you will need to know how to prioritize which channels to publish to. Since you will have to actively seek individual channels working alone, it helps to be able to decide which channels to focus on. These considerations can help you to maximize your value.

Publication Size

The size of a publication is always going to be one of its largest selling points. Every company should aim to be published in a publication that is easily recognized by its target audience. Major publications will always provide the most value if you can manage to publish your content with them.

Reader Count

Size and reader count often go hand-in-hand, but sometimes mid-level publications can also offer a surprising number of readers. Since your goal is to reach as many people as possible with your press releases, you should prioritize companies that have a high volume of readers. More than 40% of people between the ages of 18 and 64 use news sources to seek out news, which means high reader counts give you a lot of potential readers. The number of readers will play a key part in how many impressions your press release gets.

Public Opinion

We live in a world where values are at the front and center of all that we do, even for businesses. Consumers want businesses that match their ideals, and that can be relevant when it comes to the publications you choose.

Some publications have a defined public perspective that might not be appropriate for your industry. Consider the relevance of publishing on platforms that might conflict with your core business values. Although you can share in different spaces, it might not help you to reach your target audience and may even connect you with the wrong kind of attention.


Industry relevance should always be a key area of focus when seeking out the right press release distribution channels. You want to make sure that you are connecting with people who are interested in your industry and what you have to offer. Choosing press channels that are aimed at your industry and target audience can help your content to get in front of the right readers.


Landing a spot with a major publication is not an easy route if you do not have a guaranteed pipeline. Some of these publications are more difficult to get into than others. Knowing this in advance is very important, as it may define how successful you are in getting your press release published. Take time to consider the number of pitches a journalist or publication gets before you start sending pitches out so you can have realistic expectations about the process.

Press Release Distribution Services: Easy Access to Major Publications

Adding press releases to your marketing and public relations strategy can have a huge impact on your company’s visibility. For the most outreach, you need to publish press releases through channels with a proven record of success. The best press release distribution services aim to make this easier.

When you work with a quality press release distribution service, you gain access to major publications and millions of readers. At Brander, we offer access to 3,900+ publishing partners, making it easy for you to reach a massive audience with each release. We guarantee publishing on at least 100 news websites, or you get your money back.

Our team offers engaging press release writing and allows you to distribute your press releases to potential customers and investors within one week. With our support, you can achieve global reach and start establishing your brand’s credibility today. Contact us today to learn more.

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