Companies are always looking for ways to reach new customers and grow their annual revenue and in this article we will explore press releases as proven tactic to achieve such results. In an age of viral marketing campaigns and a growing list of new ad spaces, many businesses are left deciding which avenue to pursue to bring the most value. After all, investing in marketing services is only beneficial if a business receives the perks that a great marketing strategy can bring.

Although there are many new ways to generate brand awareness and find new leads, a lot of companies benefit from using one of the oldest strategies known to businesses – press releases. In this article, we will explore the benefits of press releases for businesses of all sizes.

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What is a Press Release?

A press release is a short-to-mid-length article filled with valuable information about a person or brand. The press release, after being written, is taken and distributed through various news channels. Ideally, they will be shared on high-ranking platforms and a variety of networks to ensure that the release reaches as many people as possible. News release examples often focus on new developments for brands, product highlights and launches, and business changes, like new stakeholders, acquisitions, or partnerships. With press releases, timing can be very important. A number of sources report that the open rate for press releases is over 25% on Thursdays while Wednesday report the lowest open rates.

Brand Benefits from Press Releases

Businesses have everything to gain when choosing press releases. With each new publication, brands receive benefits that help them to outpace the competition and win over new customers. Press release writings can have many positive lasting impacts. Let’s explore some of these brand benefits.

Immediate Action

A press release that is shared on the right news network can encourage customers to partner with you immediately. One study determined that readers take follow-up actions 49% of the time when receiving news from dedicated news websites and apps. Customers who read about your business are more likely to interact with it if it pops up in their daily news cycle.

A Growing Public Reputation

Companies that post through news channels are given an automatic boost to their credibility–and it is one that continues to build the more that you post. One press release template can turn into several well-written press releases shared on popular networks. Having articles shared through public news media has the capacity to generate new leads and increase public interest, as well as brand recognition. Companies that publish even once have the ability to be recognized at a later date.

The Ability to Sculpt Your Image

Sculpt Your Image with Press Releases

As a company’s reputation continues to grow, it is the perfect opportunity to cultivate the image that your company wants to share. With each new post, you can help to define your business to the public. Since you will be the primary source of updates on reputable news channels, you can guide how the public views your brand and what they know about your company. When there is plenty of content available through reputable sources, they will be more likely to follow the narrative presented by those sources. Branding consistency can actually increase a company’s revenue by 20%, and press release writing can help.

The power of cultivating your brand’s image in the public eye is invaluable. It allows you to immediately highlight the exact angle that you want to share and gives you the ability to determine what your brand is synonymous with. Whether you are focused on sharing your eco-friendly business practices or your most recent partnership with a larger brand, you can repeatedly demonstrate your value.

Preserve Your Image and Respond to Bad Publicity

Eventually, all growing companies come under fire for something. From poorly timed Tweets to affiliations with brands that have ended up trending for negative reasons, bad publicity is inevitable. From the consumer perspective, it is easy to assume that bad publicity will destroy your carefully-crafted brand, but that isn’t the case. Even terrible brand-featured reviews can be balanced with effective press release writing. A well-written press release in the news can help you to effectively manage the situation while leveraging your existing positive brand image.

Business Benefits of Press Releases

The brand benefits offered by press releases are important for any company, but the business benefits are also crucial. Any company that wants to grow needs to be able to generate ongoing and, ideally, increasing revenue levels to thrive. Fortunately, press releases also come with potential benefits from a financial perspective.

Higher ConversionsIncrease Conversion Rates with Press Releases

As your reputation grows and your credibility increases, customers will see an opportunity in working with you. People look for brands that have a proven track record and a history of success. Regular press releases make it very easy for them to see the value in choosing your brand.

When deciding to try a new product or service, the average person will turn to an internet search a lot of the time. This is the reason that search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming so popular – it establishes a digital record of a company. Press releases, however, can offer these benefits without the need for SEO services. Since press releases are distributed through media networks that already have the power of their domain, any articles are more likely to rank higher and be visible when people look up your brand.

Mitigate Loss

Following bad publicity or a harmful review, companies often contend with the possibility of lost revenue. Fortunately, when disaster strikes, businesses can use their existing brand image to carefully navigate these situations in a way that results in less loss. When mismanaged, poor brand-featured reviews can cost a company 18% of annual revenue.

With a historical record of success and credibility in the public eye, companies are more likely to effectively move past any disruptions to their reputation or presence. Press releases can be tailored to directly address the public or to even highlight new details in an effort to limit the negative impacts of bad press. It is a very common and established strategy to get ahead of bad press or to provide responses when it arises. Using press release services, companies can easily achieve this.

Gaining the Benefits of Press Releases

Businesses often use press releases to share information and manage their brand reputation, but it only works with the right focus on distribution. The reality is that any company can post a statement online–but not all statements are shared equally. Free press release distribution, in particular, can be highly limited.

For the most effective return when investing in press releases, businesses must choose high-level distribution channels with expansive reach. At Brander, we offer companies a chance to share professional press release writing across over 100 primary news networks and affiliates. Contact us today to gain these benefits for yourself!

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