What is a Press Release?


A press release is an effective method for engaging the press to share news about a business or event. Journalists receive hundreds of pitches and press releases each week. Busy journalists may notice a well-written press release about their field or beat.

What is a press release? A press release is a concise, captivating article that a public relations specialist writes and distributes to members of the public media. A press release’s objective is to make the public aware of a brand’s or business’ announcement. The press release should provide all the necessary facts (who, what, where, when, how, and, most critically, why). Press releases are considered a primary source that can be quoted and reused by members of the media.

The Benefits Of A Press Release

Benefits of Press Releases

A press release should be written in the third person, use quotes, use references, include a dateline if a news embargo is required, and include newsworthy content.


Benefits Of A Press Release 

The benefits of a press release include the following:


What Makes A Press Release Important?

Press releases are important because:


Why Should I Invest a Press Release?

It would be far too detrimental to a brand to underestimate the power of the press release. Given the advance of social and digital channels to reach audiences and the availability of increasingly sophisticated PR analytics to aid PR professionals in shaping their campaigns, press releases are more relevant today than ever before.

Successful companies that invest in press releases do so for the following benefits:


How Do I Write A Press Release?

Writing A Press Release 

The steps to writing a press release are as follows:



The Press Release Template

The typical press release starts with a headline, dateline, article, and contact information (usually the author’s name, phone number, and email address).

Journalists and most readers will start by scanning the headline. The reader will continue to read the main body if the press release headline is engaging, distinct, and newsworthy.

A one-line summary of the press release appears below the headline. This summary should quickly pique the reader’s interest and encourage them to read, much like the headline.

Your press release should include the following:


Press Releases Vs. Other Forms Of Communication

Press Releases vs. Media Pitch

The press release and media pitch are two entirely different and independent pieces of content. In contrast to the press release, consider a pitch as a teaser to grab a reporter’s attention. Pitches are effective for product updates or introducing a staff member as a media expert to be quoted. Send it via email, keep it brief, and use bullet points.


In contrast, the press release is more concise, easier to read, and designed for a general audience reading mainstream media or public media. The content of a press release is more time-sensitive than a media pitch.

Press Releases vs. News Article

Press releases follow almost the same format as a standard news article. They also require certain details, such as your business’ press contact. The news article tackles practically any news item under the sun, while press releases focus on news about a business, a business announcement, or a business event.

The Best Press Releases With Brander

Investing in press releases for your brand is a highly beneficial marketing tactic. It helps you control the narrative, build credibility with your audience and other stakeholders, and is cost-effective. Creating and distributing press releases has never been easier thanks to the availability of disruptive technologies like Brander.

Brander aims to disrupt the stranglehold that intermediaries have established between business and media. Brander’s mission is to help the average business announce a good product, service, partnership, or event to the marketplace. Our copywriters are also knowledgeable in SEO best practices and produce press releases packed with relevant content, keywords, and links to your brand or company’s website.

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