6 Reasons Business Owners Love Using Brander

Brander is a press release distribution service that offers businesses in a variety of industries access to millions of readers and viewers all around the world. We help brands to create the perfect brand image through the use of compelling press releases and dedicated distribution channels that get them in front of the right audience. Our customers think we are the best press release distribution service, and these are the reasons why…

Return on Investment

A return on investment is calculated by subtracting the cost of the investment from the current value of the investment, then dividing it by the cost of the investment. Any time that you work with a press release distribution company, you are going to be looking for a good return on investment.

When you invest in a press release and trust us to send it out, you can rest assured that you will receive results for the money that you spend. Each purchase with Brander comes a 100%  guarantee that your press release will be published on over 100 news websites. Your online reach will be drastically expanded while increasing brand recognition.


Small and midsize businesses need tailored solutions that allow them to gain key benefits for a reasonable budget. At Brander, we work with businesses of all sizes, which is why we price the way that we do. The cost of press release services should not break a company’s budget. We believe that every business has the right to share its announcements on a global scale, so we make it affordable for you with three affordable packages.

Well-Written Press Releases

Press release writing is an art, and our in-house copywriters specialize in it. If you choose to have Brander staff write your press releases, you can rest assured that you are receiving high-quality releases that will reflect your brand in the right light. We know how to write compelling content that engages audiences and drives up interest, all while making your brand look great.


No one wants to wait for weeks on end just to get the reach they deserve. At Brander, we have refined our processes, so you never have to wait when it comes to press release distribution. We can write press releases quickly, and we always distribute them within a week of approval.

Industry-Specific Reach

Accessing major news publications has countless benefits, but we don’t just throw you out into public spaces with no direction. In addition to placing you in several major spotlights and popular news affiliates, we also help you to enter industry-specific publications that make it even easier for you to reach your audience. Upon placing an order for a press release, you can log into our platform and select up to three (3) categories for your press release.


Free press release distribution services are known for their limited list of small publications. While we believe that smaller publications bring plenty of value to publishing, we work hard to give our customers access to major news affiliates that offer access to millions of potential readers and viewers. Our customers deserve the spotlight, and we pride ourselves on getting them in it.

Try Brander for Your Business

Building a substantial online presence can increase credibility and boost sales, which is why it is so important to find the right partner to make it happen. At Brander, we are proud to help businesses in every major industry to share compelling information and build a great online presence. To learn more about how we can help you grow your brand, contact us today.

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