How to Earn the “As Seen On…” Badge and Its Many Benefits

For as long as major publications and media platforms have been established, businesses have been interested in leveraging the reach of these platforms. When a channel that leads directly to your potential audience exists, it is completely understandable to want to leverage it. For decades, people have been using the “As Seen On…” title to convey their prominence to customers. When people associate you with something they already trust, they are more likely to buy from the brand.

Let’s explore how you can get the coveted “As Seen On…” badge – and what benefits it brings.

What is the “As Seen On…” Badge?

The “As Seen On…” badge looks a little different depending on the network that you are referencing. One of the most prominent examples of this is the “As Seen on TV!” badge that many brands have used to entice customers for years. From infomercials to ad spots, companies have used this specific badge to catch the interest of customers and encourage them to learn more. However, “As Seen On…” is more specific in the modern world.

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When your company is presented by notable media platforms, you can share this information to increase brand recognition and give your brand immediate credibility. While “As Seen On TV” is a generic approach, today’s businesses are leveraging the power of the actual networks that they publish with.

In today’s world, businesses are showing that they have been featured on specific publications, like prominent TV shows and major news networks. By associating your brand with another brand that people already trust, your company automatically seems like a bigger brand. The content in the publication itself can even be used to highlight prominent benefits, like demonstrating brand values and practices, which are an important consideration for 62% of consumers.

Benefits of the “As Seen On…” Badge

Though these badges were once impressive because of the fact that it was difficult for a business to be featured at all, this is now a fairly common – and even expected – practice. Today’s business owners can use this badge to receive a collection of benefits in terms of outreach, growth, and sales.

These are some of the more prominent benefits associated with this badge.


A badge that highlights where your company has been featured automatically makes your brand more recognizable – even if the individual didn’t read your most recent article. They will recognize that your brand was featured in a prominent space and will be more likely to remember you based on this association. This is an excellent tool for generating brand awareness. Even better, continuous sharing can enhance your brand recognition. For most people, it takes being exposed 5 to 7 times to remember a brand.

The Association with Quality

In the same way that companies always want to share when they are partnering with brands that have more reach, brands can leverage media platforms to achieve this same effect. In a sense, companies can affiliate themselves with the quality of that source. When people trust that source, they will be more likely to see you in a positive light.

A Sense of Trust

Trust is not given, it is earned – and the size of a brand matters. Of course, it is important to remember that the size of a company is not synonymous with the size of a brand. A small company can have a big brand as long as it is managed correctly. People will trust the size of your brand when they see you being featured next to main-brand companies in a list of articles.

Generating Interest

More shoppers are turning to small businesses to meet their needs, and this is a great shift from previous generations. When asked, 79% of shoppers stated that small businesses are an essential part of their communities. However, small-to-midsize businesses with a broader reach and association with established news networks can stand out from other businesses of their size in their industry.

It is just one more factor that convinces customers to take a closer look at what your brand has to offer. It is completely possible that someone who has never heard of your company will look into it simply because they saw your brand featured in a news article.

A Look at Your Trajectory

Regular news releases can create a clear paper trail of your organizational history, particularly focusing on your high points and successes, which puts the brand in both an established and positive light. People who look up your brand are likely to see a positive path, which is appealing to both consumers and investors. This can have significant benefits for companies that are looking to expand. Since the average person generates their first impression of a brand in 0.05 seconds, it is crucial to put forth positive content.

How to Get “As Seen On…” for Your Website

Given the power of this badge, more businesses are looking for ways to obtain it. Companies want to have a badge that reflects a high-level affiliation. To achieve this, you must be able to get your business and information in front of the right people. There are a few different ways to achieve this.

Generate Enough Attention to Be Featured

The news is focused on what is popular and worthy of public interest, which means that you can absolutely get your brand featured if you do something that generates enough attention. The media focus on overnight successes and viral marketing campaigns has many business owners convinced that they can generate this much attention with ease, but it really isn’t that simple. In reality, only 1% of these campaigns actually go viral.

It is true that generating enough attention can skyrocket your public appearance, but getting there is easier said than done. Most viral campaigns and overnight successes are a matter of one of two things – a greater strategy behind the scenes or simply being in the right place at the right time after consistent effort. This is not very easy to obtain, which is why it is always a big story when it works out. Every marketing team should be aiming to generate viral content, but it is a known fact that no campaign is guaranteed to go viral.

Cold-Pitch News Networks

Even in today’s age of content creators and free online distribution, there are still some news networks that accept open submissions or pitches. In the event that you want to work directly with a single news network, you can absolutely craft a pitch or submission based on their guidelines and send it in. If you share something that they like and that stands out, they may publish it.

For this approach, it is important to know that not all established channels offer open submissions or accept materials from brands that do not have representation. This can significantly limit how many channels you have access to directly, which can make it less likely that you will receive the badge.

Even if you do manage to land a pitch, there is the chance that you will only be featured in that one news network. Although this can certainly come with benefits and will still earn you the badge, appearing in the news once doesn’t carry the same weight as being seen on multiple prominent channels.

Work with a Press Release Distribution Service

Press release distribution services are easily the most effective way to be featured online in today’s world. These services pair high-quality press release writing with distribution across established channels in order to achieve maximum reach and establish credibility. The best press release services can land you on 100 or more news channels, guaranteed.

A press release is a public statement focused on a brand that is designed to be released through major news networks. These statements often highlight newsworthy information about businesses. Most commonly, they focus on new product launches, growth details, or exciting updates that can influence consumers or the company’s industry. They can be used to share positive information about a brand or mitigate negative information about a brand.

When businesses choose to work with a press release distribution service, they can bypass many of the limitations associated with free press release distribution methods. Press release distribution services leverage their existing relationships with these established channels to feature press releases on behalf of their clients.

Although press release distribution is a paid service and the cost of press releases can vary, it is one that offers incredible value compared to other digital marketing methods. With this approach, companies are given a clear way to be featured on prominent channels, from major news networks and affiliates to popular industry-specific channels. Given their expansive reach, they also make companies more likely to be featured in syndicated content based on the original releases. In such cases, press releases can lead to the creation of evergreen content or social media buzz.

Get Your Brand Featured on High-Quality Networks

Being able to highlight that your company has been featured on one major platform is good, but being able to say you have been featured on hundreds of networks is much better. If you are looking to expand your reach and share your company with the world, you need to partner with the best press release service – one that can place you directly in the spotlight.

Brander is a service that gives businesses access to prominent news networks and affiliates, including ABC, NBC, CBS, USA Today, and more. To learn how to get an “As Seen On…” badge containing your favorite news networks on your website, contact us today. Our experts can provide you with a professional press release and access to over 4,000 established websites and news outlets.

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