As a business grows and changes, there are many exciting developments to share. From new product launches to powerful business partnerships, companies always have something to celebrate. Though these developments can seem like something that happens in the background, sharing them with potential customers and stakeholders can have some great benefits. The best way to convey relevant information to the masses is through the use of press releases. In this article, we will look at press releases and the many ways that they support businesses of all sizes.

Press Releases for Business Growth

Press Releases as a Business Tool

A press release is an official story or statement from a company that is shared through various print and digital platforms. The most effective press releases are distributed through established channels. Even though a press release can technically be released on a personal website as a part of press release SEO, the ultimate goal is to release the information to the “press” in the form of well-known news channels.

Press Releases are Business Tools

How Press Releases Support Business Branding and Growth

In the age of digital marketing, press release writing is being utilized by businesses of all sizes.  According to existing press release data, roughly 25% of businesses release more than ten press releases every single year because of the many benefits of a press release. They are considered valuable tools in modern marketing strategies.

Companies have valuable and exciting information that they want to share with their stakeholders, and press releases make it possible. One single press release can come with many clear benefits, and these perks can build with time. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a press release for businesses.

Sharing Relevant Information Using Press Releases

The primary goal of any press release is to share relevant information with existing and future customers and stakeholders. A single press release can announce many different newsworthy benefits to help highlight business success. Getting exciting updates in front of a large audience is one of the simple and effective press release benefits.

Types of Press Releases Include:

Improving Brand Awareness

In today’s world, 4 million new companies are established every single year. With so many people establishing businesses, generating awareness can be fairly difficult. Unless your brand is the only one available in your niche, you might struggle to get in front of your audience. A press release can fix that. When asked, the press release data shows that 100% of journalists consider press releases to be the best way to find stories. One release can turn into several viral articles and a lot of traffic.

Press Releases for Brand Awareness

When someone sees an article about an interesting new company in your industry, you can make sure that your brand is the focus of that article. Press release distribution services that follow best practices can share your content across over 100 news sites per release, ensuring that your press release is seen by as many people as possible.

Establishing Your Company as a Prominent Industry Voice

Starting a business is tough enough. A company with a brand name that anyone can recognize already has established credibility. Smaller brands, on the other hand, can end up entirely unseen–even when they do great work. Sharing press releases that target important milestones and developments can help people to see the value of your company. One of the more prominent press release benefits is that people who see your brand will be more likely to take it more seriously.

When people read about your company in a news article, they are immediately more likely to see the value in it. Every press release puts the name of your company in the spotlight, allowing people to see that you are working hard and contributing to your industry. Every new update will enhance your brand’s credibility.

Demonstrating a Pattern of Relevancy

Anyone can post anything online, but publishing on a well-known platform comes with more weight in the public eye. In fact, 42% of press release data respondents view press releases as the most credible kind of content that comes from new sources. Companies with press releases often end up highlighted in the news in a positive way. The more high-quality press releases a company uses, the better. Your brand will seem more credible and influential, but it will also appear more relevant in the public eye.

Best Press Release Service

Invest in the Best Press Release Service

Press releases are just one part of digital marketing strategies, but they are essential. These helpful news articles can be used to convey relevant information that allows you to share each new victory with your audience through a publication they value. However, to receive these press release benefits, you need to work with a press release distribution service you can trust.

A good press release service will help you to receive all of the benefits of a press release. They will know when to send press releases out, how to write them, and how to get them to major publications with a high volume of traffic.

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